Friday, February 25, 2011

when my friends crazy with felt...=)

they are so crazy... huhuhu... non expected..
from 9.00pm to almost 2.00 am.. we are doing our felt craft..
plans to study that night change to do a felt craft...

all my friends are crazy with felt craft now.. because of craziest of them.. I'm also follow them.. huhu..
i just doing my first felt craft.. i just do a donuts..
donuts with a chocolate rice..... feel hungry during done this donuts..

this is my donuts done by me... n the flower done by my friend...

~fiza's hand~

~wawa's hand~

~nik's hand~

~there are a situation of my friends during done their felt craft~
want to take a pic of their face... but we are not wearing a tudung.. so just a hand....

~all these done by them... including the flower at the first pic~

there are one more friends ...
but her pic is not here.. I'm forget to take her pic... sory eca...=)
next time fatten take pic eca ok..

n this morning at class... we got an order from our classmate...
hehehehe.. good news right..???

p/s: really broken english lols...=) so sory..

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