Wednesday, February 23, 2011

they are so excited..!!!

last night... my friends wawa, nik and my roomate.. fizah..
they are so excited does their first felt craft.. we all does that from 11pm until 1.30 a.m... huhuhu..
2 hour with a excited feeling..
I'm not joining them because I do my target butt crochet.. hehehe..
by the way..

lets I show their work...

~all this that doing by them~

wawa do all this.. so cute right..??

~this done by nik~

~just finish it.. she already put it to her phone.. she so excited ~

n this done by rumate..

so creative are they... hope one day.. they will show me another felt craft done by them..

p/s: so sory.. this is my first entry fully in english.. my english is not so good..hope u all understand what i really want to say here.. hehehe.. tq..