Saturday, February 26, 2011

at last.. done it..!!

a long time needed to finished these order ..
at last.. I'm finish it last night... so sorry for my friends.. atiq.. syarah n ziera..
it's too late to give its to all of you...
I'll give it to all of u at first circuit ok.. wait for me there..hehe

~for atiq~

~for ziera~

~for syarah~

Friday, February 25, 2011

when my friends crazy with felt...=)

they are so crazy... huhuhu... non expected..
from 9.00pm to almost 2.00 am.. we are doing our felt craft..
plans to study that night change to do a felt craft...

all my friends are crazy with felt craft now.. because of craziest of them.. I'm also follow them.. huhu..
i just doing my first felt craft.. i just do a donuts..
donuts with a chocolate rice..... feel hungry during done this donuts..

this is my donuts done by me... n the flower done by my friend...

~fiza's hand~

~wawa's hand~

~nik's hand~

~there are a situation of my friends during done their felt craft~
want to take a pic of their face... but we are not wearing a tudung.. so just a hand....

~all these done by them... including the flower at the first pic~

there are one more friends ...
but her pic is not here.. I'm forget to take her pic... sory eca...=)
next time fatten take pic eca ok..

n this morning at class... we got an order from our classmate...
hehehehe.. good news right..???

p/s: really broken english lols...=) so sory..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

they are so excited..!!!

last night... my friends wawa, nik and my roomate.. fizah..
they are so excited does their first felt craft.. we all does that from 11pm until 1.30 a.m... huhuhu..
2 hour with a excited feeling..
I'm not joining them because I do my target butt crochet.. hehehe..
by the way..

lets I show their work...

~all this that doing by them~

wawa do all this.. so cute right..??

~this done by nik~

~just finish it.. she already put it to her phone.. she so excited ~

n this done by rumate..

so creative are they... hope one day.. they will show me another felt craft done by them..

p/s: so sory.. this is my first entry fully in english.. my english is not so good..hope u all understand what i really want to say here.. hehehe.. tq..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

~in progress~


terasa amat la lamanya tidak mengupdate blog...
cuti yang seperti tidak cuti.. tidak sempat untuk berbuat apa-apa...
nak siapkan order kawan-kawan pun tak sempat...
maaf ye kawan-kawan...
nanti saya ada masa-masa terluang saya siapkan order kamu-kamu ye..
sangat tersepit dengan masa..
assignment and test yang berderet-deret untuk di hantar dan diduduki...

masa duduk kat rumah untuk beberapa hari..
dapat la buat sikit order kawan- kawan.. tapi still in progress ye..
jum tengok apa yang fatten sempat siapkan..

baru siap sampai biru.. hitam n putih tak sempat nak siapkan lagi..

baru dapat siapkan 5 biji jer.. ade lagi 6 tak siap..

benang hitam dah nak habis..!!! sikit jer lg.. cukup ke tak ni??

~smile always~
harap kawan-kawan bersabar ye... apa pun berlaku saya akan tetap siapkan.. cuma lambat dan cepat je...